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Automotive illumination with our LED Lamps, Incandescent Lamps, Interior and Ambient Lighting Solutions!

Through this change of ownership many synergies have appeared in the area of vehicle interior design.

With a long history of providing quality incandescent products to the automotive industry, CML also offers LED Lamps to illuminate instruments such as speedometer, tachograph, tachometer, voltmeter or complete dash boards. Both our incandescent and LED products are available in many different base types including twistlock sockets, wedge base sockets and SMD sockets.

GRUPO ANTOLIN, our new family !

Since 2012, the entire CML group has become an important part of GRUPO ANTOLIN, which has its headquarters in Burgos, Spain.

From headliner lighting to lighting instruments, ambient lighting and third brake lights, CML and GRUPO ANTOLIN provide a wide range of lighting solutions in the automotive sector.

Grupo Antolin, we create Automotive Interiors

For further information about our automotive solutions, please visit us at GRUPO ANTOLIN.