Specialised Medical Lamps
Microscope Lamps, Slit Lamps, Operating Theatre Lamps and other light sources
where innovation comes to light

Health in the right light!

With more than 180 different lamps available, the CML range of medical lamps covers lighting requirements for a very wide range of medical equipment.

Every medical lamp offered by CML is designed to meet or exceed critical requirements for light output and service life meaning that CML lamps offer excellent quality with long life service and a very attractive price!

CML's extensive range includes high-quality lamps in all of the following areas:

  • Light sources and lamps for operating microscopes.
  • Operating theatre lamps
  • Dental lamps
  • Slit & microscope lamps
  • Projection lamps
  • Lamps from Welch Allyn

For further information please ask for our detailed medical lamp catalogue.

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